I need to capture this whole conversation on my blog.

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Nice form, Mr. Pink.

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Okay, so Regina’s plan, if I understand it correctly, is to either…

A) Kidnap Walt Disney, or…

B) Hunt down the Brothers Grimm…

…and force them to write her fix-it fic.



You’re telling me he’s been locked up in the basement EVER SINCE SEASON ONE?!?!

Who’s been feeding him?
Everyone got their memories back!
Regina was outed as the Evil Queen and Deposed!
The town of Storeybrooke CEASED TO EXIST. FOR A YEAR!!!

…and yet Sydney Glass is still LOCKED IN THE BASEMENT OF THE HOSPITAL?!?

HOW? Just… I just…. how????



he’s my boyfriend ! + headers.



Why is Danny hate on my dash? Seriously, why? He pretty much agrees to be in a relationship with someone who regularly puts her own life in danger for fun… and he doesn’t even ask to come along to these adventures. Did you notice that he never tried to dissuade her from going with the Doctor? He asked her why it was so important to her, and when she said that she sees wonders, he only asked her that she would be truthful with him from now on. He trusts her to do what she wants, independently from him, but he cares about her, and based on his own experiences, he’s worried that she will end up getting hurt.* I don’t think that honesty is all that much to ask from a person who’s been lying to you for all the time you’ve known them.

Basically, he just assures Clara that he has her back, if need be - and proves it. As for Danny’s attitude towards Twelve, let’s just say the Doctor deserved what he got after how he acted.

(*He very much seems to echo Rory here, with the difference that Danny doesn’t seem to enjoy adventures quite as much - Rory might have expressed concern about the risks of travelling with the Doctor when Amy got hurt, but he never brought it up afterwards. Danny has already been through a war, no wonder the danger seems more real to him.)

"Great, now maybe I’ll finally get the acceptance that, you know, every adult man craves from his girlfriend’s alien traveling companion."

— Danny Pink, someday, probably. (via morethanonepage)