So I read Black Widow: The Name of the Rose by Marjorie Liu & Daniel Acuna today. It collects the first five issues of Natasha’s most recent series and it’s pretty bad-ass. It was exactly the moody spy adventure I was looking for and I loved it.

Also, I’ve discovered that it is totally possible to ship Natasha/Clint in movieverse, but at the same time ship Natasha/Bucky in comicverse. Movieverse!Clint and comicverse!Clint are so different. In movieverse, Clint starts out as a sniper trained to stick to the shadows. In comicverse, Clint started as a showman who longed for the spotlight. Movieverse!Hawkeye probably has more in common with WinterSoldier!Bucky than he does with comicverse!Hawkeye.

It’s been years since I’ve read much Marvel comics. Recently, I’ve been mainly a DC guy. Now, I may need to go back and read the Winter Soldier and Death of Captain America arcs from Brubaker’s run to learn more about Bucky!Cap, though.